Finding yourself as an adult in the Whole Foods of life


Remember when you were little and you got lost at the grocery store? Remember who found you? Likely an adult, if not specifically a parent. In fact, it was probably really easy to get found. All you had to do was throw a fit of tears, attract attention, and people would do the work for you. You’re mom would scold you and tell you it was dangerous, but in end end, no love lost.

And what about now? Well, it turns out you did it. You did the one thing your Mom has been warning about since day one. When you were little she told you sternly, when you were young she warned you lovingly, and when you were on the edge she pleaded wholeheartedly that you would not grow up. But you did, just like every other fool before you. Yes, you were snookered.

Nowadays, when you’re lost in life it’s way diff. Whether it’s physically lost in a huge 2-story Whole Foods or something, or emotionally lost in the turmoils of your frickin soul, guess who the responsible adult is now. YOU. That’s right fam, no more mama or store manager to get you out of trouble. You need to find the adult version of yourself in the Whole Foods of life.

When you’re young, growing up and “becoming an adult” seems ever so enticing. The media sends all sorts of subliminal messages to young minds – for God’s sake the try to make salads look fun. SALADS! FUN!? And you believed that shit. Anyways, eating salads, living on your own, making your own decisions – on TV that all looks dope to any 17-year-old. But TV never tells you the dark side. Yes, there is a dark side to salad…among other things.

So now you wanna know what society didn’t tell you about adulting, right? Things like how to survive the new “mature” (with a hard T) dynamic of the adult social life, or wtf you’re even supposed to have in your pantry. Because you probably don’t know what the hell you’re doing, and as we’ve earlier established, no one is going to do it for you anymore. So let this blog become your DIY guide for adulting, and you’ll probs be okay. The only thing I can’t help you with is the new slang of the youngins. You see, as you get older you really get out of the loop on that shit. Anyways, enjoy!



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